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Who couldn’t use a little bit of extra money?

I have decided that from now on every Monday I will share with my wonderful readers easy ways I have found to earn a little bit of extra cash online.

Will you get rich doing these things? Of course not, but every little bit helps right? That is my motto and that is why I commit just a little bit of my time each day doing these things and they do add up!

So join me, every Monday when I share one of my little money making gems with you.

Money Making Monday: Gift Hulk

At GiftHulk you can earn Hulk Coins by doing things you already do online  searching, answering surveys and more! Hulk Coins can be redeemed for gift cards, paypal CASH, electronics and other unique rewards at the GiftHulk Store.

Gift Hulk is very similar to other GPT sites like SwagBucks and Superpoints. If you are a regular user of SwagBucks you'll love Gift Hulk!
How to Earn Hulk Coins (Easy):
There are a few easy ways to earn Gift Hulk coins, my favorite ways include:
  • Daily Polls
  • Treasure Box
  • Search & Win
  • Fountain of Youth
  • Referrals
Daily Polls:
Each day you have the opportunity to answer a question in form of a Daily Poll. For each poll answer you will earn 1 Hulk Coin.

Keep visiting the site each day to answer them all! - The more answers you will give - the more Hulk Coins you gain!

This is a very simple way to earn, at least 30 Hulk Coins (*on average) a month!

Treasure Box:
Every day you will get Treasure Keys they will give you a chance to open the Treasure Box and win prizes!

The Treasure Box can award you with Hulk Coins, Boosts, Gifts, and Fountain of Youth Codes. These rewards are just a few of them you can receive!

When you first join you will have 5 Treasure Keys a day, but you can earn more by inviting your friends to join GiftHulk, you will get 1 Key for every friend that will actively* use GiftHulk!

New! you will also get 1 Key for every completed EZ Coins Offer
worth more than 10HC

Search & Win:
Use GiftHulk Search as your Web search engine. You will be able to win Hulk Coins, Gifts, Prize Codes and more!

GiftHulk Search&Win combines search results from Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Yes, you can win just by searching!

*Tips & Tricks
Make the Gift Hulk search your home page, and download the Gift Hulk toolbar, this way anytime you search it will be through Gift Hulk, increasing your odds of winning points through search.

Find you visit most of your sites through bookmarked pages? Search your regular sites, and bookmark the results instead.
Fountain Of Youth:
Fountain of Youth is another cool and easy way to earn Hulk Coins. To find Fountain of Youth codes, all you have to do is to follow GiftHulk on Facebook / Twitter / GiftHulk Toolbar. From time to time Fountain of Youth code will be released.

You can also get codes when you check the Treasure Box. These codes will earn you BONUS Hulk Coins, if you will enter them in the box on the Fountain of Youth page.

Now that you see how easy it is to earn with Gift Hulk, invite your friends!! You’ll not only share with your friends all the great benefits of GiftHulk but also get 20% of everything they earn! Also, every active referral will get you an additional permanent Treasure Key for the Treasure Box!

Redeeming your Hulk Coins:

Hulk Coins that you earn can be redeemed in the Hulk Store on a variety of great rewards.

Rewards are sent out every Sunday! That means that your maximum wait time will be 6 days! And at the minimum 1 day only!
I typically stick with a paypal reward, as I can transfer funds from my paypal account to my actually bank account.

Join Gift Hulk:

If your ready to start earning some REAL CASH all you have to do is join!! Below is an invite link to join Gift Hulk:
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